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Relations between citizens and institutions are often based on distrust. Societies benefit from engaged citizenship where institutions enjoy ‘enlightened trust’: not blind acceptance of their actions, but critical engagement with the system, trusting that it can be improved. Democratic social movements and civil society organisations have a crucial role to play in this.

This website aims to empower both categories by providing them with materials, tips, and successful examples to strengthen their action at the European level. It is meant to be a collaborative project: discover all the sections and how you can contribute!

About us

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EnTrust project

EnTrust is a multidisciplinary and international research project dedicated to providing novel insights into trust and distrust in governance, and measures to support sustainable and democratic societies in Europe. It consists of a consortium of seven research teams from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Serbia, with expertise in sociology, psychology, political science, media and communication studies, as well as a civil society practitioner active at the EU level.

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Civil Society Europe

Civil Society Europe (CSE) is the coordination of civil society organisations at the EU level. Through its membership, CSE reaches out to millions of people active in or supported by not-for-profits and civil society organisations across the EU. Since its foundation in 2016, Civil Society Europe has become the point of reference for EU institutions on transversal issues concerning civil dialogue and civic space.

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Project information

Project Type: Collaborative Project

Call: H2020 SC6 GOVERNANCE-01-2019: Trust in Governance

Start: February 2020

Duration: 48 Months

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Christian Lahusen,
University of Siegen

Grant Agreement No: 870572

EU-funded Project Budget: € 2,978,151.25